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Stress on the Brain $20.00

Stress on the Brain

12/08/2020 / No Comments

Audio training event discussing the effects of stress on brain functioning.

Get Started Here Free

Get Started Here

10/20/2020 / No Comments

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Relationship Alliances $40.00

Relationship Alliances

09/25/2020 / No Comments

Dr. Jenkins’ Zoom presentation “Ask The Marriage Doctor” series.   What kind of alliance do you have with your partner?

What Are Your “Terms of Endearment” Free

What Are Your “Terms of Endearment”

09/22/2020 / No Comments

Watch the movie “Terms of Endearment” to learn how to navigate the abusive relationships that some encountered growing up and continue to face with their parents.

Pearls of Wisdom Free

Pearls of Wisdom

09/17/2020 / No Comments

Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Dave that he often uses in therapy. Analogies generate right-brain images and have…