About Us

We Provide Relationship Counseling and Therapy for Fredericksburg

The Fredericksburg Relationship Center provides marriage therapy and couples counseling for couples that are struggling to communicate, initiate romance, intimacy, sex, and dealing with affairs.  We help couple recover and decide if the relationship is worth staying and investing in.  Sometimes moving forward is about discovering who you really are and being authentic enough to let others know too.  We help wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, and partners define and redefine their roles within their relationship through counseling in Fredericksburg, VA.

As Christian Therapists, we know the importance of a solid spiritual foundation.  We don’t preach to you, but we will pray with you upon your request.  Our goal is to help you rediscover balance and peace.

Our History

2005, Dave Jenkins graduated from Amridge University with a Masters of Divinity in Marriage and Family Therapy.

2010, he graduated from Amridge University with a Doctorate of Ministry in Family Therapy.

2010, Dr. Dave Jenkins founded what was then Family Room Services.  It started as a ministry that provided educational seminars to churches and men’s groups.  FRS’s ministry emboldened couples to develop a passion for marriage through personal and spiritual growth.  FRS promoted ministry beyond the doors of the church and into the community.

2012, Family Room Services opened its doors for counseling in Stafford, Virginia.

2017, Family Room Services changed its name to the Fredericksburg Relationship Center, LLC, and became a group practice with a clinical focus on “All Things Relationship.”  Our secondary goal is to educate the next generation of therapists to care for tomorrow’s clients.  At the Fredericksburg Relationship Center’s, our motto is “Mending Hearts and Lives.”

2020, FRC added the Learning Center to our website to provide educational information on-demand.

Call 888-317-7795 or self-schedule online for your appointment.