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Sleep, Stress, and Relationships $35.00

Sleep, Stress, and Relationships

05/06/2019 / No Comments

This course will teach you what to do to get back in sync and get in harmony. Don’t let a lack of sleep get in the way of having a great relationship or sex life. Discover what it takes to reset your biological clock.

Dr. Dave
Relationships Cycles Free

Relationships Cycles

02/19/2019 / No Comments

The brain is very powerful and intuned with your partner. Your brain can track your partner until it’s dysregulated.

Dr. Dave
Homework and Handouts Free

Homework and Handouts

11/24/2018 / No Comments

This section’s information is primarily for Dr. Jenkins’ clients from the Fredericksburg Relationship Center to acquire their homework assignments. Of…

Dr. Dave
Surviving An Affair $29.00

Surviving An Affair

10/14/2018 / No Comments

The good news is just because you or your partner had an affair doesn’t mean the relationship has to be over. It’s not the affair that ends the relationship, it’s the lies and deceptions that kills the relationship.

Dr. Dave
Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay $19.00

Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay

09/09/2018 / No Comments

Every choice you make comes with a price. Even the choice of avoidance has a heavy price to pay. You just have to pick and choose which price you are willing to pay.

Dr. Dave
The Relationship Life Cycle Free

The Relationship Life Cycle

09/09/2018 / No Comments

This course is FREE with a membership What stage is your relationship stuck on? Don’t get stuck in psychological warfare….

Dr. Dave
Take The Admiration Challenge Free

Take The Admiration Challenge

09/07/2018 / No Comments

Improve your neuroplasticity and rewire your brain. Take this Seven-day challenge to improve your admiration for your partner. Post your…

Dr. Dave