Talifa Bailey, MS, Resident

Do you ever feel like your life will never measure up to what you want it to be or that things for will never work out for you the way they always do for everyone else? Is your relationship or marriage spiraling out of control and you don’t what to do to save it? Are you a parent who doesn’t know how to connect with your child? While everyone may not have the same life experiences, most of us face pain, frustration, fear, loss, hurt, and a lack of connectedness at some point. Just know there is hope – and I have hope in you! How you go through is more important than what you’re going through. I help my clients overcome life’s obstacles by drawing on my experiences and professional education as an LPC Resident in Counseling conducting individual, family and couples counseling. Through various treatment approaches, to include faith-based therapy, I support my clients to change the narrative and rewrite their own stories to achieve their happy endings –whatever that may be. Though this chapter may be challenging and/or your least favorite, let’s begin writing the next where you become a happier, healthier YOU!

Fredericksburg Relationship Center